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i dont want a macbook pro  but i want to build my laptop from scratch using a macbook pro earlier model bodie  where i can put a asus mother board everyhting  that i desire. i want to built a perfect laptop within  a macbook pro body frame. i was wondering if that was possible or am i just talking crazy ?

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    Of course it's possible, but you have to have a motherboard with the exact same form-factor as the original logic board, same screw placement, etc.  Talking about a lot of work.  Also the screen and graphics module would have to be compatible.

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    ok assuming if i even can find how  and where to find a mother board that would fit its original logic board   are there even parts that would fit, i dont have any saudering tools thats why   im asking ?   what companies would have parts that WOULD fit.

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    Most of the parts companies that I know about with parts that fit are replacement parts specifically for Macs.  You need parts that work with the motherboard you buy but fit inside the MacBook body.  Depending on the MacBook model you start from, you will have to figure out the battery that fits that model, some were removable, and meets the power requirements of the motherboard/hard drive combination you use.  Can you match the external access port locations with the leads from the motherboard and does it use the same types of ports, FireWire, USB, etc.


    Getting back to the display/graphics module question, you have to have a graphics module with exactly the same display leed connections to match what the display wants to see.


    There are so many questions to ask yourself, it may be better to also look at available PC laptop cases to see if that would be a better matchup.


    All of this should be doable, in theory, but you need to start a list of everything that has to match up since you are talking about starting with a case manufactured for specific parts, and you want to use different parts.

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    And of course, there's the question that begs an answer.


    If you say you don't want a Mac, are perfectly happy to consort with The Enemy and live in the Windoze World, why go thru all the hassle of attempting to become a Mac poseur?

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    I've seen a couple mods that used older polycarbinate Mac bodies but the aluminum bodies are a totally different proposition. You asked...yes, I think you be talking crazy

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    If you want a PC that looks like a MBP, then get a new Lenovo.  They're about the closest in looks.  What you're proposing will cost too much money to make happen, not to mention a waste of time.  Laptop chassies are not the same as a tower or desktop.  Laptops are proprietery models with custom design boards... even same manufacturer ones like Dells all have different components on the side between the different models.