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    Jordene wrote:


    Okay this is my deal.. i have an macbook pro but i never purchased mountain lion os x. so my laptop is basically usless! Pleaseee HELP, I have no clue what to do!!!

    You can start by starting your own thread and describing what your specific problem is.

  • sashozs Level 1 Level 1

    I came to this forum after searching on google "how to install mac os x 10.8 on a new hard disk"... i read this topic completely (I was trying to install a new HDD in a friends mac, and install ML on it), and after reading this... I concluded that not I just hated macs for being extremely expensive (much more then they are worth), but they are obviously a pain in the a** when it comes to a simple OS installation... I'd install at least 5 PC's with different OS's while only looking on how to install ML on a MacBook. And you know what? If installing it on a PC, that would probably already be done so far. But no, it's a holy MacBook and gush... I haven't used any worse computer than this... And I haven't seen any unusable forum as this one is... This experience only confirmed my opinion that apple is just an expensive name for practically unusable hardware... unless you pay more so it magically becomes usable... Now I'm even more sure to tell my friend he SHOULD buy a PC next time, if he wants to have a computer... If he wants a fashion accessory, than probably mac is a choice... I'm working with computers for ~20 years, and thankfully I haven't contact with those fashion accessories so far. After this experience, I'll just keep them away from me. I created the apple account just to write this comment, that's how much this fashion accessory ****** me off.


    Thanks, and buy a PC next time.

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    That's probably best for you.

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    That's probably best for everyone

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