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Hi Folks


I desperately need some helping hand....


Today my old trusty printer died (HP 1510 print/scan/ copy) and I ran to buy another one because I need to finish some tax paperwork.


In a mad hurry, I didn't pay any attention to tech specs and I went home with brand new HP DeskJet 2510 All In One device. But !!! : ((


In my home office I still use Imac G5 with 10.4.11 which is still pretty good comp for office work but I found out that the HP 2510 don't officially support my Imac with Tiger. Only from 10.6 and later.... I know that Imac G5 can't run nothing above 10.5.


So, is there any way to "force" HP 2510 to somehow recognize my Imac G5? In "about my mac" on USB port, the HP 2510 is visible ....


Many thanks in advance.





iMac, Mac OS X (10.4.11), Imac G5