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WHy is it that I'm having problems sending messages to my friends???

Mini iPad
  • labellarubia718 Level 1 (0 points)

    I Just bought this not even 9 days ago and I can't understand why I'm having this problem??? The name stays red and were you send it stays blank

  • Kilgore-Trout Level 7 (30,667 points)

    Do your friends have iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, MAC)? If not, then you will not be able to send them Messages from the iPad. It handles iMessgaes only, not SMS text messages. If they are using iPads, for example< you need to make sure you have the correct address.

  • Demo Level 10 (88,936 points)

    And in addition to the fact that it only works with iOS devices and Macs running Mountain Lion - they must set it up on their own devices before you can reach them.


    If they have not registered to use Messages on their device - you cannot reach them until they do.