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I need to replace the graphics card for a first generation Mac Pro.  Any suggestions?  I replaced it less than a year ago, and I'm having problems already.  If I copy/paste spec's from apple's site to ebay I get results from under $70.00 to $370.00 for buy it now new.  There has to be a reason for such a discrepancy.  How do I know what's compatible?

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    MacVidCards for Nvidia cards on ebay is excellent and one of the few places I would shop.


    Apple Store 5770 for $249 is the real good safe bet (also at B&H for less).


    You need 10.6.5+


    Are not a lot of choices.

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    I've looked at the Radeon 5770 on Apple, Mac Mall, and with your suggestion B&H.  They all refer to 2010 model Mac Pros.  I'm looking for options for a first generation Mac Pro.  Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Apple only recommends what they have exhaustively tested in Macs. They do not test in discontinued models. This card was issued for the 2010 model, and they have not tested it an anything else. They also do not recommend it for the [essentially unchanged] 2012 model.


    But your friends here in the Apple discussions community can assure you it works in all models Mac Pro. If installed in Mac Pro 1,1 or 2,1 , it will run slightly slower than its published benchmarks due to the PCIe 1 slots. In the Mac Pro 3,1 2008 model and later, it runs at full speed.


    If you look at the questions posted in the online store, you will also see many who say, "Works in my older Mac Pro 1,1 no problem."


    Here is a benchmarks article of it running in a 2006 model:



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    guess you won't believe anyone... 10s of 1000s use it. the comments section on apple store product page? and 1000 threads here going back to fall 2010.  ALL means alll with 10.6.5+

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    That's why I was seeking answers here.  I understand Apple not testing on older models.  I was a little concerned when Mac Mall and B&H were advertising the same limitations.  I appreciate your help and the time you took to respond.  Thanks,