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It took me a while to get around to looking into the replacement program for 1st gen iPod Nanos.  Honestly, mine worked fine, I just didn't like the small amount of storage space compared to mp3 players available now.  I went ahead and attempted to initiate the return process in October 2012.  I waited nearly 4 months for the packaging materials to arrive via mail so that I could mail my iPod in for replacement.  I was busy through the holidays, so I didn't mind.  I decided to call apple support this Monday (Feb 4th, 2013),  to get the process going.  After talking to an apple customer support representative, I was sent an e-mail with instructions to take the iPod to UPS to be packaged and shipped.  The shipping via UPS was at no cost to me and came directly out of the apple account.  My iPod got to the return address within 2 business days (per tracking number).  I waited only 3 days until I received a tracking number for the iPod replacement and it arrived this morning, Feb 8th, 2013.  Once I called apple support at the beginning of this week, it literally took less than 5 days for the entire process to be complete.  I now own a new 8GB 6th generation iPod Nano.  I am not in love with the touch screen on the 6th gen iPod, but I'm sure I will get used to it.  I am basically using the nano solely for working out.  The clip feature is a nice touch.  I also own an iPod touch and iPhone, so I don't mind the little amount of features on the 6th gen iPod nano.

iPod nano (6th generation)