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I have had the iphone 5 for 4 weeks now and the battery life is very very poor at first i thought it must just be how it is....was dissapointed tho from fully charged to flat in 4 hours with little use or going to bed and waking up with the battery life going down 17%!!! but then 1 day i charged it fully and it never went down for ages, over 24 hours and it still had 25% this lasted for about 4 days then all of a sudden back to been rubish, i sent it in to apple who returened it without doing a single thing (apart from scratched an dented the bottom!!) it was exactly the same ..poor.....but then last night i charged it took it off charge at 6pm (english time) and now at 00.42am the day after it still has 11%....clearly ther is a fault somewere!!! has anyone had the same experience or got any tips for me please?


cheers, Danny

iPhone 5, iOS 6.1
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    Try restoring your iPhone as a new iPhone.

    If that does not work, looks like you need a trip to the Apple Store.

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    Yes a lot of people are having this issue it's from the ios 6 update. Some users are reporting battery drains a lot after updating their device

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    krue12 wrote:


    Yes a lot of people are having this issue it's from the ios 6 update. Some users are reporting battery drains a lot after updating their device

    There have always been a lot of battery problems posted about in these forums following each and every iOS update.  Personally, I believe that the battery really isn't discharging any faster, it is just that the charging circuit is confused and needs to be reset. I always perform a setup as a new phone for major updates, for example iOS3 to iOS4, 4 to 5, 5 to 6, which should be a 'reset' for the charging system, but I do a simple update for point releases--6.0 to 6.0.1, etc.  I have never had a problem with battery performance when performing the full update as new, only when I did a 'normal' update for a point release.  If I perform an update with a restore from the old backup after a major update the battery problem did appear.


    After every iOS point update I always do a full reset--home and on/off buttons held down until the Apple appears--three or four times over the course of a couple of days.  I allow the phone to fully charge overnight every night.


    This has always resulted in 'normal' battery life after one or a few reset cycles.  By 'normal' I mean that a fully charged iPhone, with email and other notifications enabled and set to push, and no particular attention paid to battery conserving techniques, will discharge to about 89% over a 10 hour day.  If I make a few phone calls and surf the web a bit then the level has fell to 70% or so, but unless I heavily use my iPhone 5 it doesn't drop below that point.


    Prior to performing the resets the charge level would sometimes drop into the 50's or 60's or even lower in a few hours without using the iPhone.  This problem 'scenario' has happened with every iPhone I have ever owned and I've owned all but the original iPhone.


    As always, YMMV.  I make no claims as to its usability for anyone else.

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