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What about upgrading apps on your IPhone? I can't do that from where I live w/o connecting directly to my laptop. With Apple's new Itunes page, I don't see how I can navigate successfully now to acheive the same result as before. Hmmm. I would appreciate some quick guidance. Thanks.

iOS 6.1, Apps that require wifi to download
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    With iTunes 11 you can enable the left-hand sidebar that used to show on previous versions of iTunes via option-command-S on a Mac, control-S on a PC. You can then select the Apps part of your iTunes library on that sidebar and on the right-hand side of iTunes click the Check For Updates button at the bottom to see if any of your apps have updates available. Then connect your phone and select it on the sidebar, and on the Apps tab on the right-hand side click the Sync button at the bottom of it to copy the updates over