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I am using a modified preset, but I cant figure out what is causing the attack time to vary so much. The midi data is exactly on the dot tempo wise, but the playback of this instrument makes it sound like someone with bad rhythm is playing it. It's not all early or late by the same amount. It varies. Any ideas?

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    With Sculpture there could be several factors involved.  A guess would be your problem is related to velocity or the note-on random generator.  Velocity itself has several different ways of affecting a note.

    The manual's chapter on Sculpture is always a good read...

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    I played around with it and found the variation parameters in sculpture, but it turns out that the increased delay is solely based on pitch. The lower the note, the more of a delay there is. How would I go about altering this? I suppose the first question is what parameters cause such a noticeable increased delay based on pitch. The instrument template is "cavernous dreams" and has a clear attack.

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    Turn the timbre of object 1 closer to zero to tighten up the attack on that one.  Of course the standard ADSR will still have some effect, but the delay you are hearing is because the pick is moving too slow.