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I use iTunes and Serato Scratch Live (Don't worry, this is an iTunes question, promise ).


As a DJ I move music around alot and yes i know it's best to manage music in iTunes, having said that, how can i scan my iTunes library and determine which tracks are "missing"?  Sometimes i end up with duplicates and these i purge with Gemini but once iTunes imports them into the library, there seems to be no way to tell iTunes to check the consistancy of the library and remove the "missing" tracks.


Serato has this functionality but only for its library, it cannot write to iTunes library (as far as I know).


I don't think i'm alone and yes i'm disorganized (Thanks to A.D.D. in case you haven't figured that out yet ) but every now and then i get my stuff together and like to clean up my music so on that note ANY help is much appreciated.





MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    Search the MAC App store for TrackSift (you have to pay a few dollars/pounds but it is worth it) or go to the DougScripts website.





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    There's a trick I just tried with itunes 11, I don't remember the details for a previous (better) version of itunes.


    To summerize the trick I detail bellow it's to use a video field to set for all your music tracks, then have itunes set it and check all tracks, itunes will set it only for tracks with a valid file and will update the track state to show whe it hasn't a file. Then you can use that field value to sort tracks of you library music and delete all tracks with a missing file.


    So for itunes 11.0.1:

    - Select your library in itunes to see all tracks.

    - Then choose the tracks presentation.

    - Then in Prensentation options add the serie (video section)

    - Sort the list by Season to check it's not a used field, it shouldn't as its music.


    If the season field isn't used then you can use the trick :

    - Select all in the list

    - Get information

    - Go in Video Tab

    - In season number enter 1

    - Then check ok.

    - Then let itunes set the field for all tracks and it will check them all. It takes times if you have many tracks.

    - Once it's finished just sort the list by season, and all tracks with no season are those with missing file. Well perhaps also those with a protected file that can't be changed. Ididn't tested that last point but you could give a visual check to the elements to be sure that all are showing the icon for missing file.


    So with that sort you can select all the tracks with missing file to delete them.


    Then you can restore the season field to none to reset all valid tracks:

    - Select all tracks in your library

    - Righ click to get information

    - Select video tab and in season number field erase the 1 you set before.

    - Ok to apply.


    Well it's neither fast nor without risks of human errors, a paid software well designed and well programed is a wiser choice, but that manual process is free of money (well if time isn't money).


    The small adventage I can see is in that way you are sure that itunes will check all files of your library.


    EDIT: Take care when you do the operation that all the removable disk you are using to store files in you itunes are well connected. That's this sort of little traps a human could forget check and it could generate a little disaster. :-)

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    Just tried this and it works like a charm.

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    Thanks, works perfectly.

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    Trying this now, hope it works! Thanks!


    Edit: Worked perfectly! Thank you so much!


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    Very, very clever.  I can't imagine how you divined your "trick."  I'm a Windows user, used to seeking undocumented workarounds, but your approach is so obscure I never would have found it.  Thanks for the help.

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    Brilliant idea, thank you.  Works perfectly.

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    This is a brilliant workaround, but how sad that we seem to get software updates like every two months, and a simple function like purging missing files is not included.

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    Very cool, thanks

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    Worked for me too! Thanks! Good thinking!

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    Hmm! There is an unwanted space in that url I posted above > ht ml should be html