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I'm having a problem and would appreciate any help. I accidentally exported an MP3 podcast file with one of the audio tracks turned off and uploaded it to my wordpress site without realizing it. I use Feedburner to create my feed that iTunes reads to get my podcasts and it worked out fine and put up my latest podcast. My friend let me know that I was missing something, so I fixed it and uploaded a new one with the same name and everything. It works fine in the feed, but the podcast has disappeared in iTunes. I assumed that it would and would eventually re-appear, but it has not. Any ideas?

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    It's not really possible to comment unless you would like to publish the URLs of both your feed and the Store page - this latter can be found by control-clicking on the podcast image (or where it should be) - and choosing 'Copy link'.  Please include the http:// in both cases to make the links clickable.

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    Here is the URL to my feed:



    And here is the URL to my itunes store page:

    https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/brotherhood-evil-geeks-transmissions/id59179 5202


    What's even weirder is that my laptop is subscribed to the podcast and when I launched iTunes today it downloaded the new one with the updated audio, but it is not visable online or in the store itself. Its really odd?


    Thanks for your help Roger!

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    The episode 'Evil Geeks Disassembled: Evil Movie Night…Cobra!' appears when subscribing because the iTunes application accesses the feed directly and the Store is not involved.


    However because of the huge number of podcasts in the Store (thousands) the Store caches the feed and checks it for updates periodically. For this reason it usually takes 1-2 days for new episodes to appear in the Store: sometimes it can be less, and occasionally the whole process seems to get stuck and it can take several days.


    That episode was posted 2 days ago so it should appear soon, but it looks as if the Store has been going through a sticky patch recently so it might take a little longer. It's juste a question of waiting.