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When I first set up this phone, I downloaded my iPhoto pics from the desktop iMac from iPhoto. It created a folder called Photo Library. All new pics taken on the iPhone are in a separate folder called Camera Roll. Everything in Camera Roll is separately editable and can be deleted. The entire Photo Library can be opened and photos selected, but there is no way to delete them, either individually or as an entire set.


In iTunes, all the iPhoto library this folder cam from is shown de-selected, so following the support instruction does not work. It wants to add them again if I choose any. How in "heck" can this folder be deleted? It uses more than half my available memory?

iPhone 4, iOS 6.1, Originally done in iOS5, no change
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    If you want to delete photos that you've synced from your computer then you can't do it directly on the phone, you will need to connect the phone to your computer and select it on the left-hand sidebar of your Mac's iTunes (if you are on iTunes 11 on your Mac then you can enable the sidebar via option-command-S), and then on the right-hand side on the Photos tab de-select the iPhoto albums that you no longer want on the phone and re-sync. If you want to remove all synced photos then try changing it to sync from folders instead of iPhoto and select and sync an empty folder.