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This is a very weird glitch that happens under a very specific set of circumstances, that I believe is caused by a bug in Logic. If anyone could shed light on it, it would be much appreciated.


I normally record midi using the Capture Recording tool, which I find far more convenient (and less pressure) than actually hitting Record. I routinely record multiple passes on a single track, with Cycle both on and off. I'll often record different midi CC's on different passes, then merge the regions afterwards. Usually, this works with no issue.


Today, for some odd reason, recording a second pass created a take folder. After doing some investigative work, it seems that this only happens, at least initially, when a midi controller is mapped to a specific control in the instrument. (I'll get back to the specifics in a bit.) Bizarrely, though, once that's happened, it seems to open the floodgates, where it starts randomly occurring on other tracks (both Instrument tracks and Midi tracks triggering external instruements), including on the first pass, which will randomly be split into multiple takes. (Even more infuriating, flattening those takes only preserves a section, making it almost impossible to retain the performance without extra work.)


As for the details, this started happening using Heavyocity libraries (it happens with Evolve, Evolve Mutations 1&2, and Damage), loaded in Kontakt 5.1. When I use a midi CC that is mapped to one of the parameters on the instrument (e.g. CC74) and capture the recording, a take folder is automatically generated. If I use a controller that does nothing (e.g. mod wheel), a normal region is created. However, if I remap the parameter to the mod wheel, that then generates a take folder as well.


Once this happens on one track, it starts happening on other tracks, including Stylus RMX, EXS24, and even midi tracks sending to a slave machine over ipMidi, including when recording just notes, and no controller data. Quitting and relaunching Logic usually fixes it for a little while, but then it will start happening again.


I've verified that it's not caused by file corruption, which I initially suspected, by recreating it in a fresh empty template. I've also deleted and reset the Logic preferences to no avail.


Under Project Recording Settings, MIDI Overlapping Regions is set to "Merge only in Cycle Record". (On a side note, how is there no option of "Record Normally" or "Do Nothing" here?!) In any event, I've tried switching this, but it doesn't resolve the issue.


There is no complex routing going on in the Environment on any of these tracks.


At this point, I've run out of ideas on how to fix this issue.




Logic Pro 9.1.8

OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.2

2012 Mac Pro 12 core 3.06 GHz


RME HDSPe Raydat

Logic Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    I've got exactly the same problems Greuvenmusic. Started happening out of the blue, now it won't go away.


    Did you make any headway with it?



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    Yes, same problem here.  It started with an instance of Kontakt 5 in Logic 9.1.8 as well and a midi controller being mapped to one of the parameters in the instrument.  I've been using Capture Recording since 2005 so almost eight years and today is the first time I'm experiencing this problem.  As a matter of fact, I wasn't aware that you could have multiple take folders on a midi track until it just appeared today.  I now see that you can set that function in recording settings, however it never was apparent to me because it's useless to my workflow.


    I honestly can't imagine a more fatal flaw then Capture Recording not working, it's imparative to my workflow and as I'm working on TV/Film deadlines in LA there is absolutely no time to waste dealing with folders.  I barely have enough time on projects with my current workflow so I'm not sure how to deal with this new issue.


    I hope we can find a solution, I've seen only a couple posts regarding this issue so it seems to be very new.



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    I've just had a quick look at this, and can confirm:


    With K5 on OSX 10.8.3, I get spurious Take folders when MIDI CC's are mapped to controls within K5

    I get similar with Logic 9.1.8 and 9.1.7 (same OS) in 64 bit or 32 bit mode.


    With OSX10.7.5 I get the same result with K5 and K4.



    Removing the mappings in Kontakt removes the Take folder creation problem


    Removing the Instance of Kontakt removes the problem


    I cannot reproduce with other MIDI Mapped plugs (Stylus RMX etc).



    Greuvenmusic wrote:


    (Even more infuriating, flattening those takes only preserves a section, making it almost impossible to retain the performance without extra work.)


    As a work around, use the Unpack or Unpack to new tracks functions, then use the glue tool to merge back together.







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    Got the same problem in Logic X 10.0.6. just started today, never had this bug before. has anyone figured out why this is happening?

  • itchyrich Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    did you find a solution to this problem?