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A friend gave me an ipod and he removed everything of his off it. It is an Ipod Touch Version 4.2.1, Model #MB528LL, Serial # 1C*****201. I did the updates in Itunes and I can't get it to download any apps that I want. It says I either need ios 4.3 or ios 5 or ios 6. He said that he was using these same apps himself and it would update.  Can this particular IPOD download all the older/previous updates prior to the current ones? Everything I want to download requires  IOS 4.3, 5 or 6.  Can I get these updates on this older IPOD??  Thank you.


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iPod touch, iOS 4.2, Can't add apps that he could use
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    iPod Touch 4 should be capable of updating to 6.1  (atleast, mine is.)  


    Just plug it into itunes, go to the device page, and select "update"



    it should find the most current update the device is capable of.



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    You have a 2gen iPod which cannot go past version 4.2.1  Apple does not make available older versions of apps that will work on it.  Nor is there a listing of currently available apps that will work on 4.2.1.  You can only look up the apps you are interested in and see whether or not they are compatible with 4.2.1.  And all iTunes music is should work.