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I live on a boat in an anchorage. My iPad won't connect to the wifi in the anchorage; my MacBook Pro, with an external radio, will make the connection (sometimes). I want to purchase a couple of apps from the App Store and download them to my computer.  I won't be able to connect the iPad to the Internet--ever--but I can of course connect it via USB to the MacBook Pro.  Can I


- purchase the apps from the App store


- download the apps to my MacBook Pro


- disconnect the MacBook from the Internet (it costs about $1 per minute for my connection)


- sync the iPad to the MacBook


- transfer the newly purchased apps from the computer to the iPad


Just a reminder--I _can't_ connect the iPad, ever, to the Internet.  The signal just won't reach that far.  I don't want to take either the computer or the iPad on a (wet) dinghy ride to try to get close enough to the wifi hotspot for the iPad to connect (maybe).  Both the iPad and the MacBook Pro are registered to the same ITunes account, but there isn't any way to connect the iPad to iTunes central for their servers to confirm this--only the MacBook Pro can be connected.


I also don't want to erase any info on the iPad--I have waypoints, navigation info, documents, etc., stored in various apps. Do I have to sync first to avoid losing this data?  (Hope it's not cloudy tomorrow and those solar panels will be pulling some amps!)






PS--I have OS 10.6.8  and iTunes 11.0.1 on the MacBook; iOS 6.0.1 on the iPad.