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Dear Apple. I have just installed Windows 7 64-bit full version Home Premium using Bootcamp and cannot get access to the internet. I installed on a Macbook Air Mid 2012 with Mountain Lion. Are there some drivers that are missing from the Windows 7 bootcamp install download from Apple

MacBook Air, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), Mid-2012 Macbook Air
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    During the First part of using Boot Camp Assistant it asks you to Download the Windows Support files from Apple, Did You Do That?


    If you did install those Support files, they are the drivers.


    If you didn't then you will need to and then install them in Windows.

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    Thanks for replying. Yes I followed the apple bootcamp installation guide to the letter and downloaded the windows support files during the install process. I have even gone into the files and reinstalled the Ethernet drivers. Still no luck though.

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    There is No Ethernet card in a Mac Air. You need the WiFi card drivers.


    Could be that Apple does not have the correct drivers for the newest WiFi card in the Newer Mid 2012 Air models. They, Apple, are known for dragging their feet getting updated Windows drivers included in the Windows Support files.

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    Thanks again I managed to get it sorted. The step I missed was re running the setup program once windows was installed. Most seem to work now. Note to those going through this, after windows starts up make sure you have the USB windows support files plugged in then reinstall them by re-running the setup.exe file. Then the machine will restart again and so far most devices are working normally.


    Thanks again Shootist007 you pointed me in the right direction...



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    It is a Total Misconception that the Support files are installed when you are installing Windows, even if the USB drive that holds them is inserted in the system when doing the Windows install.


    You must always Run the Setup.exe files from the support files or run the drivers individually once Windows has finished installing and booted to the desktop.


    Also you really need to run the Boot Camp Control Panel Applet and check for updates as not all the newest drivers for full function of all the hardware is included with the original support download. That download is basically a generic version to get the system working and without doing the updates not everything will work properly.