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I have been using log and transfer to input video from my camera via SD card. Now I have a new Imac running mountain lion the log and transfer does not work. i have sometimes used Clip wrap on Tom Wolsky reccomendation but would liek to solve the main problem. Can anyone help?

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    On top of the list is that FCE is not supported with Mountain Lion.

    Users have varying results from mostly works to won't go.

    If you provide some details about the camera, make & model we may be able to help.


    FCP X is the app that is supported. You can downlaod a free trial version to test drive.



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    Thanks for that I use a Panasonic HDC SD 700 with a 16 gig SD card and read the MTS files via the card reader in the imac using log and transfer. Under mountain lion the log and transfer no longer works but you can import the video as a .mov but it needs rendering which takes ages. I have used Clipwrap with AIC codec transfer and that works well as the imported file is rendered.

    FCE itself seems to work well and I am reluctant to invest in FCP X and go through the long learning curve.