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Me and my friend are broadcasting the Podcast "Oscar & Martins Podcast".



We've been having a problem the last months.


After we've been uploading it through Wordpress



It goes through feedburner and then onto iTunes.


As soon as it's uploaded iTunes (on the computer) downloads it.

But the subscribers in the Podcaster App never get any update.

The last show that appeard automaticly is from december.


It's possible to search an download in Podcaster app. But the subscribtion doesn't work.


Also - Those episodes that worked correctly were all named the samed "oscarochmartin"

If you manually download them - the correct episode name shows.



(I also see when I look at the web iTunes page that the last episode isn't showing. But I guess it will appear in a day or two hopefully.)



Any suggestions, sollutions or tips?


Me, my friend and all our listeners would be very thankful!