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I recently purchased a .ca domain, and own Snow Leopard server running on a mac mini. I set up the site, load it, and enter all the proper information into the server software. If I look at the web using Safari running on the server machine, I can see the site, no problem. The problem is is that no other machine can apparently see the site. As far as I can tell, the DNS settings are correct, the web settings are correct and everything is running and all the proper checkmarks are checkmarked.


Any ideas? What might I have missed turning on?


Michael Dlugos

Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.6.8), Snow Leopard Server
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    What devices — server-grade gateways, routers, low-grade NAT-only boxes — are located between your OS X Server box server and the Internet?


    ...This device can control what connections reach your server.


    Do you have a static IP connection and a server tier of service configuration with your ISP, or are you attempting to use a residential/dynamic IP address for your server?


    ...Various ISPs can and variously do block in-bound server-oriented connections and protocols — such as HTTP/80 and HTTPS/443 connections — from their lower tiers of service.


    What OS X or OS X Server version are you using? 


    ...Web services management does differ across the recent OS X Server versions.

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    If your running your server behind a NAT device

    Have you opened and forwarded the necessary ports to your server