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I am using an Airport Extreme for wireless and also have a Netgear VPN Switch (FV5318) for internal wired ethernet connections.  How do I get the two networks to connect to each other?

OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    In your current network configuration, is the AirPort Extreme Base Station (AEBS) directly connected to the Internet modem and the Netgear VPN switch downstream of it? ... or the other way around? Is there any other routers in the network upstream of the AEBS or switch?

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    The Cable Modem from Cox Cable is input to the AEBS and the LAN output is connected to the input of the VPN Switch.  From the switch there are 8 ports distributed by Cat 6 cable throughout the house.  I can connect to the internet via ethernet or wifi but a computer connected by internet cannot connect to say the wifi printer.  I also have an iPad that cannot connect via wifi to an Apple TV that is connected by ethernet cable.  Thanks.

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    Ok, the Netgear VF5318 is not just a switch that supports VPN. It is actually a full-featured router with firewall. When you have two routers in series the downstream router should be reconfigured as a bridge. This will allow clients connected to either router to access those connected to the other.


    One option would be to switch the routers with the Netgear connected directly to the Internet modem and the AEBS downstream of it. Retain the full functionality of the Netgear and just reconfigure the AEBS as a bridge.

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    Tesserax, I'm new to forums and you seem to be go to guy for answers. I'm in a world of hurt.. I bought a new Airport Express last night and created network connecting Ethernet to MB PRO OSX6.8 oct 2008 unibody. I had to connect the other ethernet port to a port in existing netgear router.. This is my dilemma, I want to setup a network w/0 Internet.

    I am an audio pro and have a digital mixer, MBPRO, IPAD2. The ONLY THING WIRELESS would be the iPad2. Flow goes like this... MBPRO to mixer via FW 800 to FW 400 w/adapter.. It communicates wired but I need to setup a little non-Internet wifi so I may control the software via Airport Express connected to Ethernet port btw the laptop and AE. I need this network on 5 ghz band so it doesn't get hit by wireless mics and other RF devices that will mess with my iPad to control monitors for feedback ect. I may be asking wrong questions in this forum but just joined today..

    Please help me? Thanks BMDM PS: The new network connected to home router/modem with AE connected works fine for Internet but my iPad wont control wirelessly. Btw all devices and drivers are latest updates..

    Thanks again BMDM

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    Tesserax, I would like to keep the Airport Extreme in nplace before the Netgear FVS318 switch because I am using all of the 8 ethernet outputs distributed to 8 differerent locationsl  This way I can just use one of the LAN outputs from the Airport to feed the FVS318.  Here is what I think I am hearing you say:


    Tne reason why the wired and wireless devices are not communicating is because the FVS318G is also a DHCP server and in conflict with the AEBS.

    To remedy the situastion here is probably what I need to do in order:

    1. Change the LAN IP Address of the Netgear FVS318G to be the same subnet of the Airport Extreme.

    2. Then, disable the Netgear FVS318G as a DHCP server.

    3. Make sure the ethernet cable from the LAN port of the Airport Extreme connectis to the LAN port of the Netgear FVS318G.

    4. Restart everything.


    Can you provide me the steps I need to take to get the right IP addresses from the Airport Extreme to put into the Netgear to fix the conflict?  I have the Airport Utility.  I also have two airport express hot spots, and two Apple TVs in addition to computers attached to the 8 ethernet lines.


    Thank you.



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    You may still want to reconsider using the current Netgear VPN upstream of the Extreme as it provides considerably more features. Ideally, you would just add a simple Ethernet switch downstream of the Extreme to gain the additional ports that you need. You can also still use the Extreme as a Wireless Access Point to provide your Wi-Fi network.


    However, if you still wish to use the Netgear downstream of the Extreme, I am recommending that you basically "dumb it down" to just being an Ethernet switch. Unfortunately, I do not have this device readiably available to me in order to take you through the steps to reconfigure it as such.

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    Sorry, I didn't see your post until just now. With the new AirPort Express connected back to the Netgear router by Ethernet, it would still be able to access the Internet. If your goal is to set up a truly independent Wi-Fi network WITHOUT Internet access, just leave the Express disconnected from the other router. By default, the Express will broadcast an unsecured wireless network with a Network Name of something like: Apple Network NNNNNN on both the 2.4 & 5 GHz radio bands. The issue, of course, would be that you would have to connect your MacBook Pro to the Express' network and will not be able to simultaneously be connected to both routers.

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    Sorry, I think I confused youi with my last.  Here is the latest:  After assigning a new IP address of to the NETGEAR I disabled the DHCP Server function and assigned the start/stop IP Range to 192.168.100;  The LAN IP address for the AEBS is abd tge Auroiert Express Base Station is;  I tried connecting the  last Airport Express hot spot and then reset the power to the cable modem, NETGEAR and AEBS.


    According to the Airport Utility, the Cable Modem (ISP) is now connected to the AEBS and the new Airport Express Base Station but not the legacy AIrport Express hot spot.  The Aor[prt Utility does't connect to the the legacy hot spot but remembers it from before and lists it as missing.  There is some kind of conflict but I don't know hpw to resolve this last issue.  Do you have an idea what to do?




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    Remember in your current network configuration, the Netgear is providing an Ethernet network that is on a different subnet than the AEBS. Although devices connected to either network can still gain Internet access, they will not be able to "see" devices connected to a different router. This is also true of an AirPort Express connected to the Netgear.


    If you want to have clients, connected to either router, to be able to access each other then the Netgear's Ethernet network must also be on the same subnet as the AEBS'.

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    I tried to find the subnet on the Airport Express using the Airport Uitility but it doesn't appear.  How do I find out what the AEBS subnet is so that I can change the Netgear to be the same?




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    According to your earlier post, you configured the AirPort Extreme to use the 10.0.n.n subnet (its default.) You also stated that you configured the Netgear for the 192.168.n.n subnet. If you connect an AirPort Express directly to the Netgear it would also be on the Netgear's subnet.

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    If we both understand each other then the Netgear and the two Airport base stations, Extreme and Express, should be conncected and compatible.  And they are.  But,  if I add the legacy Airport Express extender...not the new Airpot Express base station that was just added, it doesn't connect even though it is connected to the network via the Netgear ethernet.  I'm not sure wht to do to make the legacy Airport Express hot spot work in the network.  It could be becuase I had to add another switch into the network to make up for the missing connection.  Do you think it may have something to do with the added Netgear 105G switch?



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    Ok, again just so I understand. In addition to the 802.11n AirPort Extreme Base Station (AEBS), you have two AirPort Express Base Stations (AX) ... correct?


    How are the AX base stations connected? (I assume that you have them both connected by Ethernet.)

    • Both to the AEBS?
    • Both to the Netgear?
    • One to the AEBS and one to the Netgear?
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    I have one AEBS, one AXBS and one AX (older generation). 


    The Cable Modem is connected to the AEBS WAN input and the ethernet connection from the AEBS is connected to port 1 on the Netgear FVS318G.  Ports 2-8 of the Netgear are distributed to seven locations througout the house via Cat 6 ethernet cable.  I originally had the the ethernet output from the AEBS connected to the WAN input of the Netgear FSV318 but had to change it to ethernet port 1 of the Netgear to make it connect to the AEBS.  I originally had eight locations connected by Cat 6 ethernet cable throughout the house.


    I inserted a Netgear switch (GS105) to make up for the loss of the one Netgear FSV318 ethernet port used when I couldn't use the WAN input on teh FSV318.  This was to make sure that all eight original distribution points still have an ethernet connection.  Attached to the remaining ports (2-8) are a Mac, a PC, two Apple TVs and the third, legacy AX or nothing at all (3 locations).


    The Netgear FSV318 LAN TCP/IP Address was changed to (factory original 192.168..1.0)

    The Netgear FSV318 Starting IP Address was changed to (but shows as

    The Netgear FSV318 Ending IP Address was changed to (but shows as

    I then disabled the DHCP Server onn the Netgear FSV318.


    AEBS IP address is; LAN IP Adress is


    AXBS IP Address is


    The legacy AX shows missing using the Airport Utility.  I substituted the AX at the same location with the AXBS but it still shows missing even thought the AXBS works.  I test for wi-fi bandwidth down and uplinks with an app on my iPad.


    Hope this clarifies things for you.