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How do I go about creating a Clip Alpha Matte in Motion 5?  I have the Quicktime clip and Quicktime clip wipe matte.  Can I invert the wipe matte? Not sure how to go about that and save outside of motion. 

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    First, if you want an alpha channel, you'll have too export as ProRes 4444, and in the export window set "Color" to "Color + Alpha" and turn on "Premultiply Alpha".


    Not sure what you mean by the wipe matte.  Where are you getting it from?  No clue what the Wipe Matte is in Motion 5.

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    I have some transitions wipes which have:


    1. clip

    2. wipe matte (white)


    I need the clip alpha matte (black) to complete the package which will work with a template for Alpha transitions in FCP X.  The transitions have the two listed above but lack the black matte (clip alpha matte) which would make them work properly.

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    I'm sorry, I simply do not understand what you're doing, but let me try.


    First, are you making a transition for FCP 7 or FCP X?  This is the Motion "5" for FCP X forum.


    You seem to be trying to make a transition for FCP 7, using Motion "4", that requriered all three elements.  You should post in the "Final Cut Stuido" section.  Basically you can do an invert of your wipe matte and export that as a QT movie.


    If you are trying to create a transition for FCP X in Motion 5, that is quite simple and I can help you with that. 


    But let's clarify what versions of FCP and Motion you're working in first.

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    I am using Motion 5 and a trial version of FCP X.  I am trying to make this "clip alpha matte" for FCP X.  I have a template similiar to the one used in FCP 7 but is FOR FCP X.  It needs the middle "clip alpha matte"(black square color) if you are familar with the Alpha Transition used in FCP 7.  I do have the orginial clip and last "wipe matte" (white square color).  I am in the right forum and it appears that we aren't that far apart on a mutual understanding of what I am trying to do. 

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    OK, let us clarify this first.  In FCP X with Motion 5 we do not do things the same as with FCP 7 and Motion 4.  Totally, 100% forget everything you know about making alpha transitions for FCP 7.


    You don't need those three elements like you did in FCP 7.  In fact, it isn't going to help at all.  Use mask shapes, cropping, etc, in Motion 5 to do it all.  Much more simple.  You're going to work a whole different way now.


    Here is a simple wipe transition I did specifically for my students to learn with.  Check it out and let me know what questions you have after following the included instruction.  It comes with a finished project file, and an instruction document showing how to build it from scratch.


    http://www.FCProXUniversity.com/downloads/templates/Simple_Wipe_Tutorial_Project .zip

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    Thank you, Ben.  I haven't got to look at the folder yet but I am sensing that I may be on the wrong track by trying to use FCP 7 3rd party and Apple transitions (the ones Apple put out for the Alpha Transition) with FCP X.  I did import them into FCP X through Events  and got the transitions without mattes to work so I just assumed I could get the transitions with mattes to work as well.  Assumed creating the missing second matte (clip alpha matte--FCP 7 term) would solve the issue.  I guessed that I could invert the third element (wipe matte---FCP 7 term) in Motion 5 and quickly solve the issue in FCP X.   I have a bundle invested in 3rd party transitions and was hoping I could continue to use them in FCP X.  I am using the Trial Version of FCP X to decide whether or not I want to go in that direction.  I do have Motion 5 and Compressor 4.  Will they work properly with FCP 7?

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    Motion 5 project files are not compatible with FCP 7.

    No clue about Compressor 4.


    Working with FCP X is totally different, totally new, and faster and easier than 7, once you learn it.


    I'd not bother trying to pull transitions over from 7 to X.  It is going to be a ton of PITA work, if they even work.  Simply building them from scratch with Motion 5 is very easy.  Thrid party plugins for X are way cheaper than they were for 7.


    If you do want to pull "transitions" form 7 to X, do it in Motion 5.  Start with a "Final Cut Transition" template to pull all those QT files into and work from there.


    IMHO, plugins are not a reason to not move forward.