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how do i restore my I mac os x intel duo based to factory setting without a disk? thanks

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    You can not, you need to call Apple and see if they can provide you with a replacement Install Disc set that originally came with the computer.


    Optionally if it is an Early Core Duo the came with Tiger, you could also use a Retail 10.5 or 10.6 Upgrade DVD and install a clean OS X on the computer.

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    thanks in a millions, thank god we have people like u, so kind, thanks again



    I bought mac os x version 10.5, can at leat delete all the data, pics, songs of previous owner? how?

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    Yes if it is a black 10.5 Retail Upgrade DVD or white Snow Leopard Upgrade DVD (gray install disc's are system specific and will not work)


    These instructions are for a new Hard Drive, but work just the same because re-partitioning and re-formatting will erase the Hard Drive, allowing you to install a clean OS X


    1. Boot from your install DVD or Bootable Clone and open Disk Utility.

    2. Highlight the new HD in the list of drives and select the Partition tab.

    3. Under Volume Scheme select 1 Partition and click on the Options... button.

    4. Select GUID Partition Table in the drop down window and click OK.

    5. Set the Format to Mac OS Extended (Journaled) and click the Apply button.

    6. Once thats done then you can do a clean Install, Restore from TM or a Bootable Clone.

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    I appreciate your help, but i have no dvd, no disk, no manual, i'm not a hi tech wiz, its too complicated to erase previous owner's data. i will call apple if they can send me the disk, or maybe call applle store near me and see if they can help with the issue.

    thank you very much and best Regards

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    Your welcome!


    Sorry, I misunderstood and thought that you had a Retail Leopard Upgrade DVD.


    Providing that it is not stolen, the original owner is not the sharpest person for selling it without first erasing all there data. Perhaps if you were to jog there memory, they could come up with the original disc set or an upgrade DVD for you...

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    I don't even know what I have, i bought it from used pc store, and it has a lot of music download...

    Best Regards