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I've seen past threads about this, which indicates this has been and continues to be an important and urgent enhancement request.  We need a way to be able to "Reply All" in sending a e-mail message to all invitees to an existing meeting on our iCal calendars.

iOS 6.1
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    I agree that this is a very important feature that is missing.

    As a workaround for invitations where you are the organizer, you can click in the "Invitees" edit field and copy/paste the email addresses.

    It is still cumbersome, and does not work for invites where you are not the organizer, so we need this to become a feature in Mail.

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    Why is this basic functionality still missing in iCal? It's really painful to use iCal for professional use due to lack on this important feature.  I hope Apple is paying attention and will fix it at the earliest.