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I'd like t create a small home network with an Intel-based Mac laptop, a PPC desktop and a normal PC.  I am guessing that the 802.11g/n standards are universal, so I can use either an Airport Extreme or a regular wireless router that supports those standard.  Am I correct?


Also, has anyone ever tried to connect a wireless router to a regular wired router.   I may not be able to get airess for the PC and I was thinking of running a cable to a wireless router fot the Macs.



Dual 1.8 G5, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    Yes, you can use any WiFi router, as 802.11 standards are universal. Netgear and Apple are the best two medium and high end brands, and the best budget brand is TP-Link (their stuff is incredibly cheap).

    Wired routers aren't necessary as all WiFi routers contain Ethernet ports. If you need more ports connect a switch. If you absolutely have to have a wired router then you want to set the router up in bridge mode which makes it just an AP.

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    Thanks, edex!