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My home network is currently configured as such:


Cable Modem > Airport Extreme Base Station (AEBS) as my main router.


From my AEBS I have an ethernet cable to a 5 port gigbit ethernet switch (GBS) to connect my home theater devices (TV, bluray, and A/V receiver) that I have in my family room. 


I have an Airport Express (1st gen - 801.11a/g/n) in my family room but it does not consistently extend my network.


I just purchased (2/8/2013) a new Airport Express (2nd generation) that I will reference in this discussion as "AE2", with hopes of extending my network to my family room for both wired and wireless connectivity.


I plan to connect as follows:


Cable Modem > Airport Extreme Base Station > "ethernet cable" > AE2 > "ethernet cable" > (GBS) > current home theater devices.


I have read the setup instructions but I'm still unclear / confused on how to configure the new AE2.


My questions are:


What should my configuration for my AE2 be?


Will my setup extend / expand my home network as I hope?




Jim P.

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    Yes, this will extend the WiFi network. If you plug the Ethernet cable in and setup the Express it should be able to extend the WiFi network. You want to "create" a wireless network, make sure the network name, password and security type are the same as each other. The security type can be found in AirPort Utility for your current AirPort.

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    I set up my network as I described above.  When I tested the devices that were connected to my Gigabit switch, none of them detected my network.  I made sure that the cable from my AEBS was plugged into the WAN port on my AE2 and then I have a Ethernet cable from the LAN port on the AE2 to the GBS.


    I went to my local Apple store and they recommended a network extender.  Isn't this what I kinda have already?


    I'm stumped.  Anyone have any ideas.