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I need to delete the name of my old apple ID and password since it was hacked.  I created a new Apple ID, and password they work fine getting in and out of account however Apple has kept my old hacked account in their record for updates.  I also can not use ITunes applications because Apple has kept old hacked email in their system and they are matching it up to my IPAD and my IPOD touch serial numbers I believe.  Any Idea how I can fix this my self without buying their phone warranty plan?   I have gone into settings and tried updating info their and with apple on phone once before they said they fixed it and now the latest IOS 6 update won 't load to IPOD TOUCH due to this.



HELP !!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!?????????????AT A LOSS ON THIS ONE???????


Any suggestions would be appreciated?

iPod touch, iOS 5, Need to change app email account