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Just bought a new iMac 21.5" (late 2012) about a week ago. I found that this iMac runs slow and really unresponsive. It took 10 second (apprx) to open system preferences, and more other. I found this very annoyed, compare to my last iMac. I know this new iMac has only 8GB memory (only!) and cannot be replaced. My stupid question is, if cannot modify my memory, than what should I do to make my iMac as responsive as I expected like the previous one?


If one of you guys can help me with this issue, I would be much more appreciate your kind.



iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
  • ssls6 Level 4 (2,855 points)

    It's not the 8 gig. Has it always been slow or is this recent? 

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    If this the new thin model iMacs, bring it back to Apple store and have them diagnose the issue!

    It's a brand new iMac with AppleCare. Bring it back to Apple where you bought it.

    These new 21 inch screen model iMacs are glued-up, sealed up, closed computing appliances, now.

    The RAM is NOT upgradeable.

    If you even think that you may have not gotten enough RAM to do the things you want to do with this iMac,

    You have 14 days to return it for a full refund and order another new iMac with the full 16 GBs of RAM and anything else, you think may need for the future. Maybe faster CPU, more storage,,etc.

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    I didn't notice that it can't upgradeable until i bought it. Maybe I miss-read the configurable with upgradeable.

    Thx for the input.

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    It happened from the moment I installed the iOS.

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    Bring it back to Apple.

    If they can't pin down what is wrong or you think you may need a faster new iMac, return it for a full refund.

    The OS did not come pre installed on your new iMac?

    You had to install the OS yourself?

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    You have a 14 day window in which to return the iMac if you think you'd rather have the 27" model.  Also...if you have trouble getting things right with it, you can return it for an exchange.

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    santosohario wrote:


    It happened from the moment I installed the iOS.

    What exactly do you mean by that, the OS is pre-installed for you. What (if anything) have you done?

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    Sorry for my bad english. I didn't install myself. Yes it's pre installed. But all occured after the pre installed, then I found that it took awhile to open folder like system prefereces.


    I think I'm going to bring it back to apple as you all suggested. Then I might order a new iMac with higher memory.


    Just wondering, why now apple made this 21.5" iMac not upgradeable, but we can do it with the 27"?


    Thx all for being so kind helping me.

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    The 27" can have the memory upgraded by you nothing else.  The 21" can't be upgraded on anything.


    Something in your software or hardware is not right.  8 gig for moutain lion is plenty for almost all tasks.  You can open activity monitor from the utilities folder and select  the system memory tab, I bet you see plenty of free memory.  If you don't, look in the window above and select all processes, then sort it by memory useage (click on the real memory column).


    good luck

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    The only user upgradeable hardware in the 27 inch screen Macs is the RAM and it be upgraded cheaper through third party Mac RAM suppliers.

    Everthing else about the 27 inch iMacs is not upgradeable later and you still need to make decisions about, the CPU, GPU and storage options AT THE TIME OF PURCHASE as these components aren't upgradeable at all later, ever, too!

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    It shows that I have free 183 MB, Wired 1.02 GB, Active 1.18 GB, Inactive 5.61 GB and Used 7.81GB.

    What does these mean?

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    Yes...I'm aware of that. But I'm still wondering, why happened now, and never happened with my previous iMac. I bought 2 years ago, added additional RAM easily, and ran perfectly. But now, with a new look, style and capabilities, why only 27" that we could modify? Doesn't it a set back? No offense. I just love apple soo much, so that's why I've concerned about this.


    But one thing for sure is, it is my fool that I didn't reckon the information of "configurable" and "upgradeable" in the first place.

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    You only have got 183 MB of free memory, and you have 5.61 GB of inactive memory. That's why your Mac is slow.


    To turn inactive memory into free memory, I recommend you to download FreeMemory from the App Store. Then, your Mac should work properly again

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    Your problem is your computer is starved for RAM, forget about you old computer and focus on thsi current machine. Upgrade the RAM and your prerformance will probably return, it's that simple.

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