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sorry if this is a dumb one but is there an easy way to view all labels? i realized it would be uber convenient for me to start maximizing my search abilities.



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    go to finder, type in something in the search field


    a special search interface should pop up (shift+cmd+n is the shortcut to bring this up without searching anything, or file>new smart folder when in finder). select "This Mac" and then hit the plus sign highlighted below.


    Screen Shot 2013-02-12 at 4.24.07 AM.png

    now choose "Kind" that just popped up. and then choose other.


    Screen Shot 2013-02-12 at 4.33.14 AM.png


    in this "other" area type in "label" or look for "File Label" by scrolling for it.


    Screen Shot 2013-02-12 at 4.21.36 AM.png

    you can see you can add it to the list of readily available search criteria instead of going through the other category, by hitting the check box in the column for "In Menu"


    Screen Shot 2013-02-12 at 4.21.36 AM.png


    now you should see something like this.


    Screen Shot 2013-02-12 at 4.22.53 AM.png

    hit the plus sign again and instead of choosing other (after clicking "Kind") you should see "file label" as an option. go ahead and choose that.


    repeat the steps for the other label colors.


    once done, choose save. It will save a smart folder for you with these parameters. Save it to a place you don't mind it being.


    after you do that drag the new Smart Folder, you created in your side bar.


    This, I hope, answers your question and improves your search abilities! Remember, there is no such thing as a dumb question! 



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    whoops, looks like adding more labels will give you a null result, so you'll just have to click on them separately. If they have different labels, they were meant to be different things anyway right?

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    hi TSM.


    i am getting back on this thread because i print these out and when i get a hour or two to take care of things before breaking for dinner i try and nail them down. i was getting on in part to make sure i thanked you properly for this. i am pleasantly surprised to see that i did.


    do you mind if i follow up on some click/entry sequence questions on this one or maybe should i start a new thread?


    in part i am seeing a whole world opening here but some of the sequences i am having a hard time figuring out (i am testing on Lion but also run ML on the laptop).


    for instance, i am clicking in Kind and then choosing Other and then in the box to the right and then i am clicking on + and adding another search criteria and pulling down to Other and then entering in "label" or File Label" and i am not getting any results.


    OTOH if i go straight to "Other" in the first search criteria it pulls up the list of possibles and i can enter in "Label" and i see i can add this search entry in with the other defaults. this is super uber fantastic and will leverage search power immensely for me. thank you.


    at the same time, thsi is a little tricky since it means i need to know in advance that there may be a Label option to add in this list. but - well i guess this is what this section is for anyway and i should just study it to know what i can add to search in this manner.


    also, i am wondering three things.


    1. CMD+SHIFT+N is bringing up a new Folder and when i click on the SPOTLIGHT ICON on the top left i don't see how you got your special seach finder window. i always see a /list/ of options and i am always clicking in "Show All in Finder" which is a bit of a pita that i would like to avoid since half the time i miss the selection and it sends me to a single result in the list. is there a way to get directly to this - i guess it is a spotlight search functionality that shows up in a finder window. or even better is there a way to get to it from /within/ a finder window??


    2. is there a way to add OTHER things such as FILE TYPES? i mean, say i am always looking for files of type *.ddg. is there a way to add this file type so i can search for these files?


    3. i wonder if anyone knows of a way to EXCLUDE something from a spotlight search - say for instance my DESKTOP. for instance i think i often find a need to search somewhere in order to find something on my hard drive but since i am storing a good deal of info on the desktop that i am currently working upon i am not often searching on the desktop and the results sometimes get cluttered a bit. also, i sometimes go searching for images or pdfs that are on my hard drive since i am trying to store these as much as possible as databases. if i have an image on my hard drive i might really want to move it into Aperture but if it is on the Desktop this means that it is in use and i can manually delete it when i am done.


    any thoughts on this or on other software that might get me there?