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someone has hacked through my airport extreme and locked up my lachie big five server used for iTunes media storage,  I had to unplug the server to restart it.  They also hacked into my powerbook with firewall on and corupted the startup I had to reinstall the operating system.  They locked up my Imac and I was required to restat it to use it.   What would you recommend as a firewall that might stop this attack??   and What are they after I have Itunes,  world of warcraft, and microsoft word.  I have absolutely nothing worth hacking.  How can I stope the hacker..   It takes hours to fix.  I was forced to switch to Mac they had crashed any PC I had.   Now they are attacking my mac's...   What is so exciting about someone who has very little and writes short stories as a hobie. 

Powerbook, Mac OS X (10.6.4), bumb
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    I very much doubt someone has hacked your AirPort Extreme. These problems are most likely not hacking. The Extreme has a good NAT firewall, and also should have WPA2 encryption to actually join the WiFi network.