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James Thomson Level 1 (85 points)

My summer 2000 issue Graphite iMac on OS9.2 is NOT my main functioning computer.  However, I would like to bring it online.  I'm thinking I have two options:


1) install an airport card if I can find one?  (this iMac, or rather this OS9.2, has the old Airport icons in the system but I remember that I didn't have the Airport card in this computer when it was my main machine)



I'm thinking this is more feasible????:


2)  Set up an airport extreme or some such wireless modem to pick up my current wireless network and then etherwire connect frorm airport unit to computer?

Am I thinking correctly here?  (I'm kind of out of touch with this old iMac so I'm looking for a confirmation that I can do this and want answers before I finish renovating my attic where it's going to go.)


Graphite iMac.jpg

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