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My windows computer is dying.  I want to enable home sharing on my Apple TV.  I can't locate my account page in iTunes on my iPad.  I am a dummy.

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    Mac OS X

    If you are trying to use your iPad to stream content to the Apple TV, you don't need homesharing or your account settings, streaming is acheived through AirPlay.


    Assuming both devices are on the same network and that AirPlay is not turned off on the Apple TV, then simply tap on the screen when you are watching content you wish to stream to your Apple TV, then tap the airplay icon that appears in the control bar, choose the Apple TV from the menu that appears.

    When displaying the content you wish to mirror on the iPad 2 (or better), iPad Mini, iPhone 4S (or better), double tap the home button (quickly) and swipe the bottom row of apps to the right to reveal the playback controls, tap the AirPlay icon and select your Apple TV from the list of available devices.