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Why is it that when I switch to tracks view in GarageBand for iOS I can't hear my guitar when I want to record it?

Is there a way to monitor the guitar in track view , so I can see the other tracks while I record? I'm using the amp in GB and apogee jam. I can hear fine in the

Amp view, but I can only see the level moving in track view; I can't hear any signal. This seems like a glitch , but maybe it's just a limitation of the software

What do I expect for five bucks right?

GarageBand (iPad), iOS 6.1
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    Unfortunately, GarageBand for iPad can only record in Instrument View and not in Tracks View. If you start recording in Tracks View, it automatically switches to Instrument View.


    Regarding the Monitoring. You should have a Monitor switch in the Input Settings window (the onw with the plug icon). The Monitor switch is only visible if there is an external input connected to the iPad.



    Hope that helps


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