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Hey eveyrone.  Well, I started out with Hi-8 tapes when I was 13, then moved on to Mini DV at 17, then moved onto SD cards at 24.


I have LOADS AND LOADS of Hi-8 tapes that I would still like to capture onto my HDD. 


Only problem is, my old Hi-8 Cameras (sony trv-350 and 750) are out of commission.  Tapes won't eject, ejection ports won't close, making play back impossible, so I smashed them into pieces for a video.


I have been on the hunt for a Hi-8 Deck similar to one you would have used when Mini-DV tapes were all the rage.


I simply wan't a unit that I can place Hi-8 tapes inside, with video out to a TV, and a fire wire port to go to my computer, that's all I want.


I'm only seeing Hi-8 VCR's online that go for over a grand, that's simply not going to work for my budget.


I know I could probably just buy a crappy Hi-8 camcorder with a firewire and do it that way, but I would much rather have a pretty looking deck sitting on my desk instead of some random hi-8 camera that I'll have to stow away somewhere.


Anyone know where to look for this?

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    There were no Hi8 cameras or decks that had a Firewire output.  However, Digital8 camcorders do have iLink (Sony's name for Firewire) output.  Look for a used Digital8 camcorder - they will also playback Hi8 and regular 8 video.  If you use a non-digital de3vice, such as a Hi8 camcorder or deck, you'll also need an analog-to-digital converter.