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I have Windows 8 and the newest version of Itunes. I have recently purchased audiobooks from Itunes and on both my ipod and iphone, only the first few minutes plays. I've purchased audiobooks before and never had a problem. I've searched this problem and tried suggestions. I changed to a music file; get info>options>media kind. This worked for 2 of the 4 audiobooks. But the other 2 will not work regardless of what I do. Frankly I'm tired of messing with this, but I paid for these and should not have this much trouble listening to them. Can anyone help?

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    This happened to all of my audiobooks after switching to a new comuter. Find your receipt email or access your account and you will see a 'report a problem button' press this for one of them and up will pop a text box - set out which are faulty and how and ask for them to be redownloaded for you. I had around 20 audiobooks doing excatly this and within a day or two of reporting the problem and identifying all affected books they were all waiting for me to download again wen I next accesed Itunes home page. Worked a treat. No quibble. Hope helps. . . . 

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    Thanks so much. I'll try this.