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I just received the replacement for my 1st generation Nano this week, it is the 6th Generation.  The Genius Mixes will not transfer to the Nano.  On the Nano it say:"Genius Mixes are created for you by iTunes and play songs from your library that go great together.  To use Genius Mixes turn on Genius in ITunes." 


But Genius Mixes is turned on in iTunes, and the Genius Mixes did transfer to my iPhone, Touch, and the other 6th generation Nano (16gb) that I already owned.  Any suggestions?


The Nano has the latest software 1.2, I have the latest iTunes, and I am running Windows 8.  I tried rebooting my laptop, restarting iTunes and re syncing and it will not transfer  the Genius Mixes to the Nano. 


Could it be that my library is larger than the 8gb iPod?  I did choose to manually transfer music and choose what songs I wanted on the iPod.