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Hi all,


I bought an iPod nano from Amazon two weeks ago.  Charged it up, uploaded a playlist from iTunes but no sound coming out of the iPod.

Went into the Settings and made sure that the Volume Limiter was set to Off.  Maximized the volume.  Still no sound.

Reset the iPod by holding the Home and Power buttons.  Still no sound.  Called Apple Support and the agent said that the model was probably defect and that I should return it to Amazon - which I did.

I reordered a new one and surprise, surprise, there is no sound coming out of this one either.  Am I completely stupid or what am I doing wrong here?  What are the chances of getting two, dud iPods back to back?


I'd be really grateful for any advice you guys could give me before I return it yet again to Amazon.  If I have to do this, it will be the last Apple device that I purchase.





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