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One of our Xserves was hung up today so I forced it off and restarted. The system has a RAID card and two 80GB drives mirrored. When the computer turned back on it flashed the folder question mark icon, it couldn't find a startup disk. Meanwhile the blue lights on the two drives were flashing. I inserted the OS DVD and it booted from that. Disk utility doesn't see the boot volume. RAID utility shows green lights for the two drives, but a yellow light for the volume and is currently Initializing.


Did I just lose my boot volume? Or is RAID Utility rebuilding the volume and it will come back as before (please)?

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    Initialization finished but Xserve Finder and Disk Utility (booted from firewire drive) doesn't see the volume or drives. RAID Utility sees the drives and volume.


    Don't know what to do next. Thank you for advice.

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    Twitter user @atunnell suggested

    Try putting it into a USB to SATA dock or adaptor and seeing if you can see it that way, RAID card itself may be the issue.


    I did that and the drive still contained the original boot volume. That was good news.


    So @atunnell suggested

    I would use carbon clone to make a back up and then wipe the main disks and try a re initialize If that works then restore the image


    I did that and it worked!


    So I'm all set for now. Thank you @atunnell !