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Hi There,


Last year, I expereinced a lot of mild migraines which I've traced back to a new Macbook Air.


At first I had no idea of the cause (diet, stress etc) but have noticed that my eyes feel uncomfortable looking at the screen of my Macbook Air (I don't have this issue with my Dell monitor).


My eyes don't hurt per se, but I can detect a sublte jittering with the screen - which can turn into a migraine.


After doing a bit of research, it seems like most (but not all) LCD and LED LCD displays use something called pulse-width modulation to control brightness but after calling Apple support, they told me my MBA doesn't use this technology.


Does anyone know how to determine the underlaying technology in Apple displays so I can research the cauase of my headaches? I found a good Ukranian website (in english) that explained pulse-width modulation but it didn't really talk about other technologies.


Any pointers in the right direction would be much appreciated.