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Problems with iCloud Calendar OS 10.8


I would like to warn users of a couple of problems I have encountered recently with Calendar. I have been in touch with Apple phone support about this and after 3-4 hours on the phone they have arranged to call back tomorrow. A colleague informed me yesterday he has experienced exactly the same problem as described in point 1. below. Looks like a software glitch – I hope it can be fixed quickly.


1. Deletion of single entry in a repeated event results in loss of display of all related events in iCloud Calendar but not on devices


Deletion of a single entry from a repeating event (after correctly selecting to delete only the single event and not to delete all future events) results in failure to display all of the related events in iCloud but with retention of the related events on devices such as iPhone and iCal on a computer.


There have been occasions, very briefly, that the events so affected display correctly on iCloud, only to disappear from the screen within about a second of opening the page in Calendar.


Deletion of the relevant account in iCal (on the computer) and its subsequent reinstallation results in correct display of the calendar in iCal, but persisting failure to display the calendar entries correctly in iCloud. This appears to ONLY effect repeated entries in which one of the repeated entries has been subsequently deleted after the creation of the repeating event. Single entries, or repeated entries that have not been modified, do not appear to be affected.


This problem is consistently occurring regardless of whether the repeated entry is set to end “never”, “after number of times” or “on date”.


My conclusion is, there is a problem with the display of the repeated events in iCloud (?an HTML coding issue) but that the events are being correctly saved in the calendar database.


2. Random dropout in “repeat” function for new events and/or “repeat” function in edit of existing event


In the course of investigating problem 1, I have discovered that the pop-up menu in iCloud Calendar that allows new events to be created or old events to be edited apparently randomly has the repeat event function missing in the pop up menu – making it impossible to create a repeating event from a new entry or to edit an existing event for the repeat function. All other functions appear to be preserved in the affected pop-up.


This problem is also apparent in iCal – i.e., it is not restricted to the web version of Calendar. I have not had the time or the energy to investigate this in detail. At first glance, it is a random error.


Solution: Apple needs to debug this software

OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)