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I have 4GB RAM in my macbook pro. I want to increase it up to 16GB. How can I do that and where can I buy 16GB RAM?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    Start with Crucial.com or MacSales.com (OWC).  Answer the questions about what Macbook Pro you have, and they will tell you what you need for a memory upgrade.  One and/or the other sites will provide videos on how to install the RAM.  Check out the installation video before starting to make sure you are ready to do that upgrade yourself.


    Both Crucial and MacSales are well respected Mac memory upgrade suppliers.

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    Some brick-and-mortars carry Crucial RAM.  I bought my Crucial 16 GB RAM at microcenter.

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    Thank you very much.

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    Is it possible for me to increase the ram to 32gb instead of 16gb on my macbook pro which is version 10.7.5 Mac OS X, processor is 2.4 GHz Intel Core i5?




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    Go to Crucia.com or MacSales.com and filling the information requested about your Mac.  They will tell you the maximum amount of RAM your Mac can support, and then be more than happy to sell it to you.

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    Hi. Thank you for the previous discussion. I have upgraded the RAM to 16GB. However, I can now hear the fan being too loud and the Macbook pro gets hot very quickly. Is this the sign of a major damage that's about to occur anytime soon?