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I have been editing a project with a multitude of short 1-2 min sequences. All videos having been transcoded from an original .MTS format to Apple Pro Res 422. After creating my 20th sequence or so in the project FCP started crashing as I pulled clips to the timeline. I was able to make it through another sequence or two after the first crash and then it started crashing as soon as I opened the program and the project loaded. I restarted computer multiple times, which didn't help.


Then, I deleted my preferences. The program started fine until I opened my project again, and then it immediately crashed. Hopefully someone can help!!!


Here is my crash log: http://pastebin.com/NnYcn7Fh

Final Cut Pro 7, Mac OS X (10.7.4)
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    Possibly your project is become corrupted. Create a new project and past in the sequences one at a time and see whether the project opens properly.



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    I'm so sorry I didn't respond right away it's been crazy trying to trouble shoot this nonsense. Unfortunately it wasn't as simple as a corrupt project file. It ultimately came down to a time consuming process of transcoding to mpeg through clipwrap then twice through streamclip as prores. Or to import from camera through iMovie and then export to .mov (the problem was I didn't always have the camera available to me)  if you can avoid editing .mts in final cut I recommend it. Big pain in the ***!