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If i have a contact (john) with a number 212-555-1212 and he calls, the phone displays John.  cool.  If i have 212-555-1212;1234 where the ; is a wait command and the 1234 is the work phone extention so i can press it and it will auto send.... and John calls. it does not display John. It simply displays 212-555-1212.  How can i change this? 



iPhone 4, iOS 5.0.1
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    I've never known of any telephone, land or cellular, to display an extension along with a full telephone number as part oft the caller ID.


    I don't believe it's possible.  But if I'm wrong, your cellular carrier would know.  Here's how to contact them:

    Contact a mobile carrier

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    OK, I reread your question and I did not answer it precisely above.  You asked if John's extension is in your contacts list and a call comes in, it does not associate John's name with the incoming phone number.


    Sorry I misinterpreted in my last post.  I still do not believe it's possible.


    Maybe a workaround would be to list both telephone numbers (one with the extension and one without) as separate numbers under the contact's name.  One might be labelled "Work" and the second "Other".