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I recently purchased a refurbished ipod classic and have been having a lot of trouble; this is the second one that I've had in a week (the first one had a dead hard drive to begin with). I've had more luck with this second ipod but not enough to call it a success. It will allow me to sync a majority of my songs without a problem. Then it will get to a patch of songs that take a long time to add, but will soon continue as before, until it reaches a song (any song, its always different) and then it takes about two-three minutes before giving me a text box that says "Attempting to copy to disk 'name of ipod' failed. The disk could not be read from or written to." It is then followed by "Itunes could not copy 'song' to the ipod 'name of ipod' because file could jot be read or written to." If that's not bad enough, my computer pops a little text bubble in the corner saying something like "file could not be copied to 'location' possible network or disk error". At this point all of thw songs that were ready to be copied after that particular song are not copied and I'm left with the "-50" error message.

I have also seen the "1413" and "13010" error messages.

If it helps, here is the read-out from the ipods internal diagnostic when I go to HDSMARTDATA (taken right after sync fail):

retracts: 2

Reallocs: 2776

Pending sectors: 360

Power on hours: 259

Start/stops: 13296

Temp: current: 34c

            Min: 61c

            Max: 246c

If this is caused by my computer should I transfer all the files that I want on my ipod from this computer and my other (which is in far worse condition than this one) to a third, brand new, computer?

Thank you all in advance for your speedy responses.

iPod classic, 7gen 160gb