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I recently started using Aperture 3 and I have about 2,000 photos I want to apply keyword tags to.  Is there an easy way to do this, or how would I do it?



  • Kirby Krieger Level 6 (12,510 points)

    Hi -- your question is quite general.  Have you read the User Manual?  It's my first resource for Aperture.  Here is the chapter on keywords:

    Applying Keywords to Images


    Your general workflow will be to group Images to which you want to apply the same keyword in a selection, and then apply the keyword.  There are many ways to apply the keyword to a selection.  I use either keywords assigned to Button Sets on the the Control Bar, or the Add Keyword field, which features auto-complete.


    Others disagree, but I also suggest (unless you are a professional stock photographer) deleting the entire list of keywords that Aperture ships with, and creating your own, completely-customized-for-your-use, list.


    If you do use the Add Keyword field, you might also use a strategy of using only capitalized keywords, but entering them as un-capitalized.  Auto-complete will capitalize them -- and an un-capitalized keyword in your Keyword HUD indicates that it was mis-entered.


    There are lots more hints and posts regarding keywording in the forum. A search here is likely fruitful.



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    I didn't know there was a user manual. Thanks.

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    You're welcome.  I linked to the on-line User Manual.  This is also available locally (stored on your computer).  As with all programs, you can access it via the Help menu ("Help➞Aperture Help").


    The Apple Aperture Support page is another good resource to know about.