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I am trying to transfer my itunes library from my old PC to my new mac and have followed the instructions here http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4527?viewlocale=en_US&locale=en_US


The problem I am having is that the library files are located on my C drive and not where the media files are (media files are on an external disc). Therefore when I follow step 5 , the library files arent transferred. So at the moment now I have consolidated everything and attached the external drive to the mac and have a folder called "itunes media library" in the music folder where all the media from my PC is located. I also have the itunes folder in Music where itunes currently points to .


If I open itunes, all I can see is my music in itunes Match (so in the cloud).


My question is - how can I import all my music that is now on my mac into itunes? Will I lose all the artwork, playlists etc as I havent imported the library files?


The steps in the above article seemed easy to follow until I realised the library files were on a different drive to the media!

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    I have followed these instructions but something still isn't right :


    "What if your music isn’t stored in the default location on Windows? In that case, you’ll have a database and library files in the iTunes folder in the regular location, and an iTunes Media folder elsewhere—perhaps on an external hard drive. After performing the prerequisites (changing settings and consolidating), copy the iTunes folder to an external hard drive, and then copy your iTunes Media folder into that the iTunes folder. Copy all of that to your Mac, and launch iTunes. As before, it should work fine."


    My library files are stored on my c drive in the itunes folder and the media is stored on my eternal drive. I followed the above and copied my media folder into the itunes folder that contains the library files and then copied it all to the mac and launched itunes.


    If I open itunes on the mac I see all my music with the cloud icon on all the album art so I'm seeing it through Match so it seems that itunes still isn't seeing my music that I have copied over from the above steps.