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Hi, I have a Apple Ipod Model A1059 20gb. I think its one of the first or second generations.  its powering up, But its only going as far as the 'Apple sign', i've plugged it into my laptop (windows 7) and my laptop is saying 'device malfunctioned and it does not support it' (or something like that). but it also shows a file with a '!' on it, and when i connect it, it makes a sound like.. 'beepbeep ... beepbeep' and says device ok to disconnect. i know its very old and probally not worth much but its valuble, i'm actually trying to get it working for my mother she really is down that its not working because she has thousands of songs on it, about 3,000. i reset it a couple of times, by holding 'menu' and 'play/pause' buttons but its just repeating its self, again and again. please could someone help me get the job done. it would be so so so much apreciated! thanks a million for viewing. -Alana:-)

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