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I have an iPod nano 7th gen with latest software. But for some reason they decided to show the lyrics only for 10 seconds when you're not touching the screen. Yes I can read it in that time, no I can't memorize it in that time. I wonder if there's an option to make the viewing time longer because it is really annoying and there's no point in putting a lyrics-function in there if you can't hold your iPod and just read it, but have to tamper with the screen every 10 seconds. Many thanks for answering.

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  • JayM Level 1 (15 points)

    I have this same problem.  Anyone have any suggestions?  Thanks!

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    I'm pretty sure there's no way to edit the lyrics view time, since there is on no other device. But I think that maybe it would be better if they switched it to unlimited view time, well as long as you have the menu with the duration, shuffle, repeat and genius buttons on. I think they put this 10-seconds lyrics in it so you can look at the coverpicture, but if you want to see it you could touch the screen and you'd see the picture without the bar at the top above it! Is there any place where we can suggest changes in the software?

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    I am now using this, maybe it'll help: https://ssl.apple.com/support/feedback/

    if some people send it in they might think about it.

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    yes, I agree with you, it's annoying.

    and also the screen dedicated to show the lyrics is too small.

    and the font used also is too small!


    We hope that in version 1.03 of the firmware, Apple fix these things.