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Dear forum


Any help on my question will be very warmly welcome.


I have a Mac Mini Server, running Loin Server, with an USB HP printer attached with sharing set


I have a Windows 7 machine attached to the network with bonjour installed.


On setup the Windows 7 machine found and happily used the shared printer however when I next power cycled the Window 7 machine the printer was no longer available.


If I go into the server and disable and re-enable the printer sharing... bingo the printer returns but only until the next power cycle of the Win7 machine where I have to do this proceedure again.


All mac PCs on the network can print without issue.


Why does bonjour not see the printer after a repower.


It also seems that if I print from a mac pc that the printer will then be seen by the Win7 pc... very strange behavour


One note is that the Win7 PC in on ethernet and other mac PCs are on wireless.


Many thanks in advance...



OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)