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I have used the Seventies Kit from EXS24 in a track with Logic Studio 9.1.8.  The first few bars are fine after loading up the song, the 70s kick and snare samples play ok but after a few bars the snare sound drops out.   When I play the kit from the keyboard, it appears that the snare drum sample isn't playing.  I've checked finder and the sample is there, but it stops playing unless I completely restart Logic and open the song.  It is then ok for a few bars, but again suddenly the individual samples for the snare stop playing.


If I change to another kit, all is fine.  However changing back to the Seventies Kit the problem is still there. The only solution is to restart logic.


Any thoughts?  Is there a way of forcing samples in EXS24 for a patch to reload?  Its annoying as all other drum kit voices seem ok, except this one.

Logic Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), iMac 27" i7 late 2012 24GB RAM