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I have a voucher for Asda direct.

Ive always had the same 2 docking stations for my iphones but 1 broke a year ago and my other one my Gear4 which ive always loved isnt charging properly so on its last legs. So I think its time to treat myself to a new one.

Just realised looking at the ones on Asda that none are made for the new iphone 5 port. So what do i do? If i buy the adapter from the apple store then the iphone wont sit right on the docking stations, it will sit really high up and could get knockedd easily!

My hubbys got a 4s and ive got a 5.


Any advice and help appreciated. Thanks

iOS 5
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    Haven't seen anything yet on market in UK

    Several of the Premiun manufacturers appear to have them in the pipeline

    Delay  has been licensing the lightning technology from Apple

    as they are doing the job correctly

    but beware cheap knockoffs on ebay when they appear